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  • EXPECTANT MOTHERS - Folate plays an integral role in fetal development and the benefits for pregnant women and their offspring cannot be understated. Folate deficiency during early pregnancy can lead to neural tube defects.
  • HEART SUPPORT - Folate helps metabolize homocysteine into methionine, an essential amino acid. Without adequate folate, homocysteine levels increase which could lead to cardiovascular problems.
  • MOOD MANAGEMENT - Folate, along with other B vitamins, is known to encourage the creation and absorption of neurotransmitters. Some experimental studies have indicated that micronutrients, including folic acid, can improve symptoms and outcomes.
  • ENCOURAGES HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL - Researchers observed significant reductions in LDL cholesterol levels in subjects whod supplemented with .4 mg of folic acid daily for 12 weeks. The result is believed to have been derived from reduced homocysteine levels.
  • ANTI-AGING - Adequate folate levels are necessary for proper brain functioning. Studies have shown that folate benefits the brain by slowing down the effects of aging.

Details: Is Country Life Folate the right supplement to help support your heart health? From the leader in B-Vitamins, Country Life's Organic Folate is certified USDA organic. This folate is water extracted from organic lemon peel to maintain its purity. This delicious orange-flavored chew (no water needed) is available in both 400 mcg and 800 mcg.